Sunday, 3 March 2013

Freestyle Friday #7

This Friday, I went for a Tex-Mex theme. The main thing I wanted to use up was some orange and yellow pepper. I originally wanted to make fritters, and add some frozen sweetcorn to them, but I needed my egg for something else! So I then decided to make some polenta, set it and was then going to cut out circles and grill them. But I didn't get the consistency quite right, so ended up with a sort of mash! Which was not what I wanted, but nice all the same.

To accompany the fritter-mash, I cut a chilli-jalapeƱo tortilla into triangles, and baked it so it went and and crispy. Finally, I made a barbecue sauce with tomato ketchup, pinch of cinnamon, ground allspice and tiny bit of light brown sugar. It was good, but there was a little something missing, and I realised afterwards it was that it wasn't smoky like barbecue sauce usually is. When I spoke to my mum she suggested something like smoked paprika... Which I have in my cupboard! Never mind, next time!

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