Sunday, 17 March 2013

Pots and Pans and Random Recipes

Quite a random collection of things this evening, but that's the way it goes sometimes!

To start off, birthday cupcakes! I am the self-appointed birthday baker of the flat, and this time around I made Lemon Cupcakes. I liked the recipe because it was just a bung everything in the bowl and mix like mad! Sometimes I like doing something more involved, and having a good potter round the kitchen, but this time I appreciated the 'bung and bake' method. The icing was the same, so quite a quick recipe all in all. Although I made the cakes yesterday and iced them this morning, they could be done fairly quickly if you wanted. The decoration was silver balls, which was perfect because I already had those!

Now, tea yesterday and lunch today. My dinner yesterday was simply a crusty roll and garlic and herb soft cheese, which I had with some spinach due me buying a rather large bag! But anyway. That isn't the story... I didn't know whether it would be nicer toasted or untoasted, so I did both! I cut the roll in half and toasted one half, whilst leaving the other untoasted. And I have to say, they were equally nice! On the toasted half, the cheese melted a little bit into it, and the untoasted half was lovely and soft and light. There were two rolls in the pack, so I had the same sort of thing for lunch today. Half toasted and half untoasted, with spinach, but also with a few raisins, brazil nuts and a boiled egg! It was a really nice weekend lunch, and didn't take long to prepare at all, as I did most of it while the egg was boiling.

And lunch- not  a pretty picture I know, but never judge a book and all that...

A little roll I made with a giant spinach leaf, a bit of egg white, some roll and cheese, dipped in egg yolk!
Breakfast today... This was my mum's made up recipe, and I have to say, it was delicious! It is plain yoghurt, banana, blueberries and oats. I wanted to layer it in a glass, but mine aren't big enough! I tried to layer the fruit and yoghurt in a bowl, with the oats on top, but you couldn't really see it... never mind, it didn't affect the taste at all.
I think tomorrow morning I will layer the oats in as wel...

See, there is fruit in there!
Bit of everything. Yum.
Home run! Well done to those of you who have managed to stick it out this long, I promise this next recipe is worth it! Let me start by saying I am a big fan of Indian food. And spinach. And potatoes. This recipe is all three. And I got to use my slow-cooker. Even better. I made Dum Aloo (spinach and potatoes) and served it with half a naan bread and mango chutney. I have never had a Dum Aloo with tomato in before but I really liked it- how could I not!- and will definitely be having it again. One thing though. The temperature. The recipe book said high. I thought this was a but strange, but went with it as I had never done the recipe before. It definitely did not need high! Even after me turning the temperature down to low after a few hours. it still burnt a little around the edges! I don't think it impeded the taste though, it just meant I had to eat tea an hour earlier than I wanted to. But it was nice enough that I have forgiven the recipe book... I have however made a note for next time. LOW. Definitely low. The stress of this made me forget to stir in the spinach and let it wilt, so I had to add it separately to the portion I ate, and put some in the freezer bag with the other portion. It didn't mix in as well, but I microwaved my portion for a minute to wilt it a little bit so it wasn't so bad. Full of ideas, me...

I think I need a bigger plate...


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