Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rumbling for Rancheros!

I got to use my slow cooker today! I try to use it once a week at least. This is the recipe I was going to make last time- Rancheros Pie- but didn't have the sweet potato... which is kind of vital as you will see. I like that I can put it on early as I can also get most of the washing up done and not have to do it later!

I say rumbling for Rancheros because the smell in the kitchen was just fab. The mixture of spices in the air really made my stomach rumble! I buy the cheapest meat I can, but you really can't tell after it has been cooking for eight hours. It goes deliciously tender, and with the soft sweet potato topping, juicy sultanas and spicy juices... perfect for a rainy March day!

This is where you would expect to see photos... and I would love to show you some but they are being very stubborn in uploading! I will get them to you as soon as possible though.

And I also realised I left a flavour off the Green and Black's list last night- white... Strong tea. I know it's random, but it works.

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