Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Quick Curry Conundrum

There is one Quick Chickpea Curry that I make quite a bit, but I came across another recipe when I was flicking through my recipe books, figuring out my menu for this week. I thought I'd give it a go, as it used some ingredients that I was getting anyway, and it also gives me great satisfaction to tick off recipes that I haven't done before! It was fairly similar to the other one, except that this one had spices and spinach in. Apart from that they were, honestly, pretty much identical. My dilema now is, which one do I make next time? I like to be fair, so I will probably end up alternating between the two!

The recipe also said to serve with naan if you like... If I'd have thought about it I would have saved the half a naan I had for lunch the other day (I had the other half with the Dum Aloo, which you can read about here, and as it was from frozen I couldn't refreeze it). But, my lunch was very very nice, so to be honest I'm not complaining!

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