Friday, 8 March 2013

Freestyle Friday #8 and Failed Photos

I had hoped to show you the pictures of the Rancheros Pie from last night, tonight's tea, and my porridge from this morning... But my photo uploading service on my phone still isn't working! I will use my camera tomorrow though until it is sorted, and hopefully get the missing photos on at some point.

Anyway, tonight's Freestyle Friday also had a Mexican theme (you can read about last week's Tex-Mex meal here.). I tried something I had been wanting to try for a while, which is shaping a tortilla wrap round a glass (although you could use anything that is the right shape that will go in the oven) and baking it to make an edible bowl! It worked very well. The edges were a little burnt, so when I do it again I will know to bake for less time. I toyed with quite a few idea of what to fill it with- polenta, rice, minced beef... I went with the rice in the end. No real reason, I just fancied it. I mixed the rice with sweetcorn and fresh coriander. There was also a lone carrot in th fridge, so I peeled it into thin strips with a peeler, stuck them in the microwave until they were soft, and then made a little patty in my new mini frying pan from Ikea... It is so cute! Perfect size for one egg, a scotch pancake, and of course, carrot patties as well ;-) all I did was sprinkle it with some chilli powder and put it in the bottom of the bowl. The rice went on top, and the whole thing was garnished with some pickled jalapenõ slices and more fresh coriander. Just what I needed to spice up my Friday!

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