Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Gorgeous Green and Black's and a Simple Supper

I really love Green and Black's chocolate. Just thought I'd get that out there. I have quite few mini bars from Christmas, and I have them as a dessert sometimes. After tea I always have a hot drink as well- one of my many teas! Some of the combinations I have happened upon (I pick a bar at random) went really nicely, so I started thinking about what would go with the other flavours. I have made a little list of what goes nicely, in case you wanted to try it! I have only included the flavours I have tried, but will blog others when I try them... which won't be for a while, as I still have an extremely large chocolate stash from Christmas and my birthday! If you have any suggestions, let me know :-)

Creamy milk- real hot chocolate (As in when it is made with cream and melted chocoalte!)
Milk- Chocolate tea; it is made just like normal tea, there is such a thing as chocolate teabags!
Butterscotch- Warm milk and honey... something children might have, I know, but delicious all the same!
Almond- Disaronno amaretto... cheeky treat in there ;)
Maya gold- mexican hot chocolate (made with cinammon, vanilla and almond extracts)
Cherry- Strawberry and raspberry tea
Ginger- chai tea
Espresso- black coffee
Mint- peppermint tea
70% and 85% dark- black coffee would again go well here!

My simple supper tonight was a grilled chicken breast, brussel sprouts and mash. That is all, no sauce or anything. I got to use my new griddle pan and new scales, which made it even better!

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