Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ratatouille, the Right Way

My tea I had planned for today was Instant Ratatouille Supper, but the problem was, it only used half a can. I didn't want to waste it, so I had it for lunch with a poached egg and toast! A bit random, but it was nice, and filling.

The other half of the can sat happily in the fridge until tea time. This was a really quick tea, hence the name! I just had to prep some instant mashed potato, put it round the edge of a plate and grill it, while the ratatouille was heating. Then I put the ratatouille in the centre, grated some cheese on top and grilled until the cheese was melted. This didn't take very long because I used the finest grater, and the ratatouille and potato were already hot. Even though I love proper mashed potato, I am developing something of a taste for instant as well! I would definitely have this again, if only to have that lunch again!

My flatmate commented that it looked like a pizza, and I see what he means... what do you think?

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