Monday, 18 March 2013

Nearly Frozen Frittata

I always plan my meals a week in advance, and tonight I had planned to have Pasta Frittata. A few days ago, considering the large amount of spinach I have, I decided I would try a spinach smoothie. I have seen them mentioned in quite a few places, and just wanted to give it a go! I also have lots of milk that needs using by Friday, and quite a few bananas, so it seems it was meant to be. I was going to have it for lunch one day this week, but not sure I will be able to now. I considered having it for tea tonight, but after a lot of careful thought, I went with the frittata after all!

I thought pasta was a bit of a strange ingredient for a frittata, but I needn't have worried, it went very well. This is a speedy supper you can whip up in a hurry, and you will most likely have the ingredients to hand as well, which is always a bonus- a garlic clove, an onion, cheese, eggs and pasta. That is all. The pasta does need to be cooked before you add it, but it can be cooking while you prep the onion and garlic, so it works out quite well acctually. It said to serve with any green vegetable, so of course you know what I went for... spinach of course!

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