Sunday, 18 November 2012

Christmas Countdown

Last Saturday, Christmas cake. This Saturday, mince pies. Can you tell I LOVE Christmas? And I love mince pies, so when my mum said she was making some I couldn't believe I hadn't even thought about making any. The supermarket had some humungous jars of mincemeat, but I managed to restrain myself and buy just a 411g jar... I could eat that stuff out of a jar. Seriously. And I fed the cake as well, which smellt so good when I unwrapped it!

Turned out well!
Except this one I put my thumb in, I'll just have to eat this one...

So, Christmas cake, mince pies, and next week, a Christmas market...


  1. Cannot believe I forgot to put sugar on my mince pies!!

  2. Oh dear! Well never mind, I'm sure they were still delicious!


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