Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Batches of Baking!

I had a rather productive morning: First, I made gingerbread muffins. They're a Nigella Lawson recipe we've made lots of times before, and as always, they were absolutely deicious. Just imagine eating a soft, light as air gingerbread cloud and you're there. I ate one as soon as they came out of the oven, as it was past my mid-morning snack time, and it was so good warm! You could even have one with custard as a dessert, or for breakfast, just because you can... I made them in some Christmas cases I got from Accessorize, which had little owls in winter outfits one! You can't see it too clearly here, but I'll definetely post a photo of them soon as they are so cute! These really are Christmassy, gingerbread in a Christmas case... I just can't get enough!

Next up was covering my Christmas cake with marzipan. Read about the making of it here. It went really well, considering this is the first time I've done it totally solo!  There were some scraps- some of which I ate, I adore marzipan!- but look out for what I'm going to do with the rest...

For lunch I made some tortilla wraps from a quick recipe I found on the internet. It really was easy, just mixing flour, water, and baking powder, then leave for 15 minutes. Then roll out and dry fry! It made two as well, which is perfect for spur of the moment wrap making thoughts. It's also good as if it made too many they would go off before I could eat them all!

And last but not least, tea. I had a Mary Berry cottage pie recipe. The recipe had the option to do smaller ones so I made mine in ramekins as I bought them with me but hadn't yet used one. I halved to recipe; one I had tonight, one for tomorrow, and one for the freezer. I thought they were quite cute in their little ramekins! It was the perfect meal for this weather. Eating a steaming, hot pie when you know it's so cold outside is just, well, perfect.

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