Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Crunchy Things and Carrots

You'd think the carrots would be the crunchy things... but they're not! The crunchy thing is a biscuit. Let me explain. At lunch I made a Sam Stern 'snack' dish, as I don't often get the chance to try them and I happened to have all the ingredients. It was called Honey Orange Biscuit Crunch, and it was very, very good. It contained- natural yoghurt, a chopped up orange (although I used a clementine), a few raisins, a ginger nut biscuit and a drizzle of honey. Other biscuits suggested were digestive and amaretti, both of which I think would be equally nice! The recipe says 150ml of yoghurt, but I just dolloped about 4-5 tsps in a bowl- the exact quantities really don't matter here. The only real work is crumnbling the biscuit, but honestly, it's heaven in a bowl. Lunch or dessert? Who knows...

And my tea tonight was equally delicious... but more of that tomorrow- stay tuned!

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