Friday, 30 November 2012

Freestyle Friday #1 (plus Cupcake Cases!)

Welcome to the very first Freestyle Friday, my experimenting day! It was quite a simple dish, but still very nice, and most importantly, it was filling! This is what I did. I cooked some dried egg noodles and drained them, then added stir-fry sauce, carrot, and sesame seeds. There was going to be a one egg omlette on the top... but I may have dropped an egg on the floor this morning... Anyhow, here's some photos!

They were going to be matchsticks, but the noodles were already done!

The finished prouct!
I'm very excited about next week's Freestyle Friday as I know that I'm going to have some butternut squash left over...
And, as promised, here are the Christmas cupcake cases I made the gingerbread muffins in.
I'm decorating my Christmas cake tomorrow... check back in the next few days to see how it went!

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