Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Fantastic(ish) Flapjacks and Soup-er Soup!

This morning I made flapjacks, to have as my mid-morning snack for the next two weeks or so. Or so I thought! The recipe made 24, so I halved it. But it only made 6! And they didn't stick together very well- I don't say they were crumbly, because they were actually quite sticky. But it's not all bad, because they are very nice to eat. I used muesli instead of plain porridge oats, just to mix it up a bit. The raisins, which were already quite big, swelled up and became enormous!

And tea was chestnut soup- a made up recipe. I just added some chestnut mushrooms to the puree and stock, and some celery that needed using up. And no, I didn't buy the chestnut mushrooms because they were chestnut... I used half the can of puree, and sweetened the other half so I can make Nigella Lawson's Easily Scaled Mont Blanc dessert. I've had it several times before and it's absolutely delicous. Now to find the recipe...
The puree doesn't look that appealing, but I can assure you, it tastes better than it looks!

The smell of Christmas...

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